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Services To Improve Business

With these services, I will help you to float your business. Rely on my years of experience.

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From stagnation to success

Is your maritime project stalling and you have no idea how to get out of it? Then it’s great to have a sparring partner working towards a solution.

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Restoring peace in (imminent) bankruptcy

I know better than anyone that maritime companies have ups and downs. In the event of (imminent) bankruptcy, we quickly solve the issues to your best possible outcome.

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Acquisition & mergers

Acquisitions and mergers often go by storm. Two cultures, systems and companies suddenly have to work together. Let's guide that in the right direction.

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Identifying issues

Rely on my years of maritime experience and get instant insight on the technical, legal and financial status of your project.

The Successful Methodology

Judging. That’s what often happens during projects that don’t go well. By listening and asking questions, I empower people and connect groups that were opposites. Through the Root Cause Analysis I describe the problem with its symptoms. When put into practice, this translates into a successful methodology.

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Top 5 reasons why others choose Center Line

  • Awesome image Trusted by dozens of maritime companies
  • Awesome image Maritime legal, financial & technical knowledge
  • Awesome image Personal Approach
  • Awesome image More than 30 years of maritime experience in top positions
  • Awesome image 100% successful projects
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Recognized skills

Finally peace of mind in my project.

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Geert’s nautical knowledge makes him the coach for the maritime sector

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Geert connects the entire team

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And now hoist the sails yourself

After we finish a project together, you can hoist the sails yourself again and successfully continue your route. I sail on to the next destination

The maritime sector as a blue thread throughout my life.

And I put that experience to use as an issue solver. I learned walking on a boat, I managed dozens of maritime projects and I set up an innovative maritime software company. And from executive roles at several maritime companies to speaker at maritime events. I know all the challenges from sailors to welders to engineers to executives. I use my experience, that blue line, as a maritime coach. I would love to take you on board to navigate a successful course.

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